Photovoltaic systems are now widespread globally and are a proven technology under various climatic conditions. In Cyprus more and more PV systems are installed, either for residential or industrial use on building roofs or on the ground. PV systems differ from other renewable energy technologies due to some of their particular features.

Some of their Key features are the following:

They require minimal maintenance as there are no moving parts. A periodic cleaning of the PV modules in order to increase the solar absorption and a periodic inspection of their electrical equipment is all they require.
They operate quietly, emitting zero pollutants, without adversely affecting the environment. What is remarkable is that each kilowatt produced from the PV systems avoids releases of approximately 1 kg of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.
These types of systems can be extended at a later stage in order to satisfy any increased needs of electricity.
They have a long life span, they operate reliably and their production can be predicted.
They can be quickly and easily installed at new or existing premises without any additional conversion costs.