We faithfully follow the corporate values of the Petrolina Group, namely commitment and dedication to the consumer, respect for the individual, teamwork and honesty and transparency in every transaction. We exhibit these values in our work with our clients, our partners and our staff.

We offer integrated package of services for each PV system, starting with surveying and designing, licensing and PV system installation, and continuing on with technical support after the completion of the system. This comprehensive package of services can satisfy every household and every small, medium or large business depending on the energy needs it has and the energy savings it wants to achieve.

The excellent technical know-how of the Petrolina Solar staff, which stems from its long-term experience, makes it capable of undertaking the installation of any kind of PV system. All staff are fully trained and specialized in surveying, designing and installing photovoltaic systems. The crews that carry out the installations are certified by internationally recognized educational centres and all installations are implemented in accordance with the required international standards.

One of our main goals is to select reliable partners and suppliers who provide high quality products accompanied by all the necessary certificates and warranties. We always choose the latest high-end products that are distinguished for their quality and high efficiency. The guarantee of Petrolina Solar products and services is the Petrolina Group with its experience and long history in our country.

Continuous online monitoring of almost all PV systems in real time by our engineers ensures the proper and uninterrupted operation of each system by identifying potential failures that may lead to a reduction in its efficiency. In this way any issue that may arise is solved and corrected promptly, minimizing the loss of energy generated by the system.