Petrolina Solar offers a complete package of services for each PV system, starting with the relevant study and design of the system, proceeding with licensing and PV system installation, and continuing on with technical support after the completion of the system. We provide a free on-site visit of each interested customer to assess the site and record any obstacles and the available area to prepare a correct placement of the PV panels, which perform to the maximum degree. Our highly trained staff offers integrated solutions that meet the actual needs of every consumer. Each study includes the technical and economic part where in the first a simulation study is done through specialized programs which calculate the energy produced by the PV System at the point where it will be installed. In the financial part, our offer is provided in detail to the customer, showing the products we recommend and the total cost of the PV System up to its full operation. Thus, given its cost and expenses, the payback period, the savings that will occur every year, the performance that the investment will have and other useful financial data are calculated through a financial study. All this is delivered to the customer by a person of the Company in a schedule meeting or electronically, where they are analysed and explained in every detail.



We undertake the entire licensing/approval process for the PV system to the competent authorities, for any size and type of PV system. The Clients need only to provide the Company with some required documents such as the title deed, the building permit for the premises, a topographic plan, and EAC electricity bills for 1 year. After examining each case individually, our staff may request some additional documents to complete the application which will be submitted to the competent authorities. Our Office staff is in constant communication with clients to inform them about the progress of their applications to each competent authority.



The excellent technical know-how of the Petrolina Solar staff, which stems from its long-term experience, makes it capable of undertaking the installation of any kind of PV system. All staff are fully trained and specialized in installing PV systems on flat and inclined roofs, on any type of industrial roof, on ground even on the canopy of cars Parking. The technical staff that carry out the installations are certified by internationally recognized educational centres and all installations are implemented in accordance with the required international standards. All technicians-installers are certified to work at a height and always follow the Company's health and safety plan, the Risk Management System, and the Safe Work Methods Manual. The Electricians who carry out the electrical work of the PV System are licensed by a relevant state agency. For projects of specific time duration, our company engineers prepare a health and safety plan for this project describing the potential hazards and precautions that must be taken by all parties involved in the installation. The safety and health of our employees and customers as well as of all the parties involved is a main and perennial concern for our Company.



We undertake the supervision, maintenance, and technical support of the PV system after its installation and operation. Technical support after the operation of the PV system is very important for our Company but also timeless value of the Petrolina Group. We want our customers to be happy and feel trust and confident about the choice that they have made to install a PV System from our Company.  

Continuous online monitoring of almost all PV systems in real time, by both the owners and our engineers, ensures the uninterrupted operation of each system by identifying any potential failures that may lead to a reduction in production. In this way anything that may arise is solved, corrected, or replaced as soon as possible, thus having the least loss of the generated energy of the System. We provide free telephone technical support for emergency breakdowns or malfunctions, which can be resolved remotely to all our customers.  

The PV Systems require minimal maintenance. Thus, a periodic cleaning of the PV Panels to increase the solar radiation absorption and a periodic check of their electrical equipment is the only maintenance they need. Our Company has a technical team and the appropriate equipment for cleaning PV panels and checking electrical equipment. Also, is given to the customer the opportunity to enter into an agreement with the Company through a maintenance contract for solar PV System operating with the net-billing method. Thus, our Company has the responsibility of monitoring the production of the PV System and its maintenance whenever it deems necessary for the best and most efficient operation of the System.