Smart meters can simultaneously record the consumption of the building together with the production of the PV System installed in the specific building. This feature includes the real-time visualization of the energy consumption of a building 24 hours a day, as well as the continuous overview through analytical production-consumption graphs. These graphs provide detailed information simultaneously on the production of the PV system and the consumption of the building at day, month, and year level as well as the percentage of consumption that was covered directly by the production of the PV System.

This information is very useful for homes but mainly for businesses and industries to optimize self-consumption from the PV System and for better management of electricity consumption. The Ultimate goal of this service is to help the customer consume the energy that really needs, this reducing overall energy costs.

Our Company undertakes the installation of such meters, which are also connected online so that the user can have online monitoring of his activity on a twenty-four-hour basis. It works with reliable smart meter manufacturers and suppliers, such as Fronius and Solaredge.


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