The photovoltaic inverters are the heart of a PV system; they convert the direct current (dc) generated by the PV modules into alternating current (ac). Proper selection of an inverter is of vital importance to the optimal operation of the PV system.

Our Company provides inverters that are suitable for any size of PV System, ranging from a small residence to a large power System.

Petrolina Solar has been cooperating for years with reliable manufacturers and suppliers of inverters, such as the Austrian Company Fronius and the Israeli Company Solaredge. The inverters produced by both companies have all the necessary certificates recognized by international certification bodies. Recently our Company has started a collaboration with the World-Famous Company the Huawei for the supply and installation of the inverters.

The Fronius inverters have a 10-year manufacture warranty with power up to 12,5kw and 5 years manufacture warranty with power over 12,5kw with the possibility extension of this warranty for up to 20 years. The Solaredge inverters have a 12-year manufacture warranty, and their power optimizers have a 25-year factory warranty. The Huawei Inverters have a 10-year factory warranty on small inverters and 5 years on high-power inverters.

The above inverters have a free program for the entire life of the System to monitor the energy produced via the Internet or to identify potential damage that may occur for timely treatment.


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