The photovoltaic inverters are the heart of a PV system; they convert the direct current (dc) generated by the PV modules into alternating current (ac). Proper selection of an inverter is of vital importance to the optimal operation of the PV system.

Our Company provides inverters that are suitable for any size of PV system, ranging from a system for a small house to a multi-MW large-scale system for a factory or solar park.

Petrolina Solar has been cooperating for years with reliable manufacturers and suppliers of inverters, such as Fronius and Solaredge. The inverters produced by both companies have all the necessary certificates recognized by international certification bodies.

The Fronius inverters have a 5-year factory warranty that can be extended for up to 20 years. The Solaredge inverters have a 12-year factory warranty and their power optimizers have a 25-year factory warranty.

Additionally, both companies provide a free online program that can monitor the energy production of the PV system and which can identify any potential damage that may occur so it can be promptly fixed.